Bedrock Consultancy

Foundation for Financial Success

“Financial Planners, We are Not!”

Business Philosophy

We believe there is more to “Financial Planning” than the prevalent practice of identifying gaps in portfolios and plugging them. Building bespoke Risk Management, Wealth Accumulation and Wealth Management Portfolios is only the beginning. We strive to add value by coordinating allied services that are essential to our clients. We are not “Financial Planners”. We are the “Financial Coordinators” and “Directors” of our clients’ financial lives.

Coordination of Services

From insurance to property, loans and even business continuity planning. Let’s connect you with the most suitable professionals.

Bedrock Consultancy

Why Choose Us

It's not about your money. It's all about you.

Our priority is to help you achieve your dreams and to be in the best financial shape you can ever be.

All Rounded Experience

Our family of trusted allied professionals ensures that you receive the specific service that you need.

Efficiency and Maximizing the use of Resources

Being able to coordinate all the various services that you may need enables us to achieve more for you, with equal resources.

We put our Money where our Mouths are

We heed our own advice. Our money goes into the same products, services and portfolios as yours’.

Synergistic Win-Win Relationship for all

We succeed only when your dreams and needs are met. Your success, is our success.

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