Duke Cheng

Director, Business Development

Certified Bedrock Mortgage Specialist™
BBM Finance
Chartered Financial Consultant/S®
Certified Financial Planner/S®
Chartered Life Underwriter/S®
Associate Estate Planning Practitioner®

I’ve always had a keen interest in finance. I’ve also felt a deep connection to the industry ever since I can remember. Thus it was not surprising that I took a leap of faith and founded Bedrock Consultancy with my partners. In my journey as a Bedrock Consultant, I’ve helped numerous clients enhance their financial portfolios. However, it’s not only about making money. Planning for contingencies is also very much a part of my work. As a result of my planning, one of my clients was able to successfully claim over $250,000 when he was diagnosed with cancer. There are many other examples where I had the privilege of bringing comfort to others in my work. I am always reminded of the meaningful difference I am making to every single client of mine.

At Bedrock Consultancy, we firmly believe that Financial Planning is not just about insurance. We specialise in providing holistic financial planning for our clients. Behind every step of the process, are multiple considerations that have been taken into account. We recognize that every person is different; with unique needs, having different experiences and at different life stages. You can think of me as your photographer and the financial solutions Bedrock Consultancy provides is my camera. I adjust the settings on my Bedrock Consultancy camera, to compose the most beautiful picture of you. Every picture is a flawless financial plan for you at every stage of your life.