Ng Wei Kai

Bedrock Consultant

Certified Bedrock Mortgage Specialist™
B.A in Sports Studies & Marketing (Hons)
Diploma in Banking & Finance

I was introduced to the financial services industry back in my polytechnic day. As I progressed into working society, I realized that many of my peers chose to work in this same industry. I too decided to give it a try. That is when I met Paul, my mentor, who guided me from the start, teaching me the basics and important things to take note. My passion slowly grew, and I decided to become part of Bedrock Consultancy.

Bedrock Consultancy is my second family. The people here not only provide me with the support I need, but they also go further to behave like how a family should be. Who says the financial services industry cannot be fun? Over at Bedrock, we’ve done it, marrying both professionalism and fun.

The training and coaching sessions coupled with the encouragement of my colleagues in Bedrock Consultancy, have enabled me to successfully step out of my comfort zone to meet new people. I aim to provide the most valuable and best financial advice to everyone I meet, regardless whether you are my client or not.