At Bedrock Consultancy (BRC), you, our valued existing and soon-to-be clients, are our focus. We will always be fair and professional when coordinating relevant services, as part of our consulting work.

BRC and its allied partners commit to deliver the following fair dealing outcomes:

  • The services coordinated by BRC, and the products and services recommended by our allied partners are selected and reviewed to be suitable for your unique needs, financial objectives and situation;
  • Our advisers engage in continuous training to maintain competency and improve their skills and knowledge to provide you the best possible consulting and coordination services;
  • Clear, relevant and timely information and updates will be provided for you to make informed decisions;
  • Should you lack the pre-requisite knowledge or expertise to invest, but still wish to do so, we pledge to put in place additional safeguards to ensure that the investments recommended by our allied partners meet your needs.
  • We will maintain a robust system to listen to your concerns, and resolve them promptly.
  • We welcome feedback. Tell us where we’ve done well and how we can improve. Please click here to forward your feedback or call +65 8907 4885.

The above statements should not be construed as an admission of any liability nor legal responsibility on the part of BRC.