Motor Insurance

You’ve spent a good amount on your car. Now get the necessary protection for it at a very affordable amount. Let us guide you through the process. Be it comprehensive coverage or coverage only at authorized workshops, with help from our insider experts, you might get the best deal ever.

Travel Insurance

Never leave home without it. Don’t let flight problems, loss or theft of personal belongings, or medical emergencies catch you unprepared. Travel with peace of mind that should any unforeseen circumstance happen, you are fully protected, 24/7 anywhere in the world.

Maid Insurance

This is more than just legal requirement. Should you get a plan with a waiver of counter indemnity? Concern about termination and rehiring? Want to minimize cost of medical check-ups? Let our experts advise you on the most suitable coverage to take, in your situation.

Home Insurance

Your home is your pride. Protect your renovation as well as home contents, such as furniture and personal belongings. Furthermore, protect yourself from liability should you accidentally damage another’s property. Speak to us on different packages for HDBs, condominiums and landed properties.

Personal Property Insurance

We help coordinate a suite of other coverage for more comprehensive portfolio. Some examples include protection against accidental damage to your mobile phone, and coverage for your pedigree dog, amongst others. Contact us for more details.

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