Investment Brokerage

We work together with trusted allied brokers to bring an array of investment solutions to our clients who have higher risk appetites. Such solutions include stocks and shares, bonds, ETFs, and contracts for difference (CFDs). Want to trade but don’t know how to start? Or you might be looking for a solution that allows you to trade both directions of the market (long and short). Enjoy greater efficiency and oversight from our coordination, coupled with the professional expertise of our allied partners.



Every investor is unique, with different investment objectives, investment style, risk tolerance and investment horizon. With more than 18 years of experiences in equity investments, Dan is well-equipped with a good understanding of the market mechanism and the technical know-how to assist investors and traders to navigate the tumultuous market. He is able to add value to clients by providing you with timely information and deep insights. This would enable you to make informed investment decisions.

For investors who have always wanted to invest, but are simply too busy to do so, Dan provides Securities Advisory Services (SAS). He does this by collaborating with you to identify your investment philosophy, and devise strategies for your consideration.

He firmly believes that to invest successfully, one must have the following key attributes:

1. Patience
2. Due diligence
3. Nimbleness

Do drop by to link up with him to invest or to network.



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